Takuroku Shooting Gallery Redux: Electronics

Left Hand Cuts off the Right – Worker. Modestly described as 'sketches' made while holding down a job during Covid, these start out as pleasant

Ben Bertrand Cara Tolmie Left Hand Cuts off the Right Li Yilei Nemeton Otto Lindholm Rafael Anton Irisarri


Maya Verlaak & Andy Ingamells: Tape Piece

Art gags: don't you just hate them? Especially when they're made by artists. If it's going to work at all, you've got to commit to

Andy Ingamells Maya Verlaak


Clara de Asís & Mara Winter

Another product of this year's lockdown and enforced isolation is the first release on a new label based in Basel, named Discreet Editions. Rise, follow

Clara de Asís Mara Winter


Les introuvables de Henning Christiansen, cont.

New releases from the Henning Christiansen Archive continue to build up a much more comprehensive understanding of the sometime Fluxus artist's achievements as a composer.

Bjørn Nørgaard Chiara Giovando Henning Christiansen Mai Dengsøe Hansen Mara McCarthy Mark Harwood Paul McCarthy Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen


Judith Hamann: Peaks and Portals

I've enjoyed cellist Judith Hamann's music for years now, both in solo live shows and as part of Golden Fur. We're finally getting more recordings

Judith Hamann Marja Ahti


Oliver Leith: good day good day bad day bad day

Damn this is a good title. It feels self-explanatory and yet it keeps you listening for a deeper meaning behind it. As such, it matches

Oliver Leith


Wet Ink: Smoke, Airs

The Wet Ink Ensemble describe themselves as a collective, but with a 'band' atmosphere. As you would hope, they place an emphasis on improvisation and

Bryn Harrison Charmaine Lee Kristina Wolfe Pierre Alexandre Tremblay


Got yer art right here: Zach Rowden, Derek Baron

I've ranted about field recordings before, spouting off a poorly-connected set of complaints which can be boiled down to the medium's general tendency towards complacency.

Derek Baron Zach Rowden


Urban subjectivity: Bill Orcutt, Ed Carter & Jessica Lee

"...started thinking about how popular music gets used as material these days. Once, tropes from rock or jazz would be incorporated into other musical styles

Bill Orcutt Ed Carter Jessica Lee


Jérôme Noetinger with Anthony Laguerre and Jean-Philippe Gross on Takuroku

A long year ago I wrote about Jérôme Noetinger's sublime collaboration with Anthony Pateras, A Sunset For Walter. Cafe Oto has now put out two

Anthony Laguerre Jean-Philippe Gross Jérôme Noetinger


Alvin Lucier on Black Truffle

As well as releasing lots of fine music by new composers, Black Truffle has been preserving the legacy of the old masters. In particular, they

Alvin Lucier


Home recordings: Takuroku

It's inevitable that most of the releases on Takuroku are home recordings to some extent and most of them have avoided the obvious. An excessive

Hannah Marshall Juliet Fraser


Eventless Plot: Parallel Words

Beats me how people find these things, but I'm glad that they do. Eventless Plot is Vasilis Liolios, Yiannis Tsirikoglou and Aris Giatas, a trio

Eventless Plot


Senses of place: Takuroku

Isolation drags on - at least it does for me. I'm vaguely aware of the passing of time, and kind of aware that I've been

Daniel Kordík David Birchall Otto Willberg Tom Wheatley Ute Kanngiesser


Hyazo v Levitas

Just had a couple of weeks off, going nowhere, of course. Listening to this 2020 release hyazo by Cyril Bondi, Pierre-Yves Martel and Christoph Schiller,

Christoph Schiller Cyril Bondi d'incise Pierre-Yves Martel


Sam Ridout: Aspect Spur Disjecta

Over the weekend, someone on a popular social media site shared the following video, titled "Tree branch falls on power lines - high voltage -

Sam Ridout


Takuroku: Viola Torros, Orazbayeva, Duplant

My personal setbacks from coronavirus have been trivial compared to others. One of the disappointments has been the second missed chance to see Johnny Chang

Aisha Orazbayeva Bruno Duplant Viola Torros


Ends and beginnings: Ernstalbrecht Stiebler

Like many people - judging by the interview on this album's web page - my knowledge of Ernstalbrecht Stiebler's music centres on the CDs of

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler


Words and non-words, subjects and objects

I've been puzzled by Leo Chadburn's pieces for speaking voice and ensemble: Freezywater dispassionately lists place-names that encircle the greater London area, The Indistinguishables pits

Leo Chadburn Louie Rice Luciano Maggiore


Takuroku Shooting Gallery

Takuroku put out a batch of cool new stuff each week and I want to do them justice but I'm lazy. Will get more detailed


Later thoughts on Mittwoch aus Licht

The morning after I saw Mittwoch aus Licht in Birmingham, I turned on the news and heard that Neil Armstrong had died. Suddenly, the Helicopter

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Home listening with Han Bennink, Yoni Silver and Xenia Pestova Bennett

The variety on display at Takuroku continues to amaze. Here are three home recordings, made during and for the mitigation of Covid lockdown. Han Bennink's

Han Bennink Xenia Pestova Bennett Yoni Silver


Three LPs by Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen

Good to see some people making better use of Covid-19 downtime than I have. It's been a while since I wrote up any music by

Jamie Drouin Lance Austin Olsen


Isolation Pianos (2): Lisa Ullén, Bobby Mitchell, Frederic Rzewski

More odious comparisons: pianos, this time. This was going to get posted yesterday and include Alex White’s Transductions but I got a bit carried away

Frederic Rzewski Lisa Ullén


Isolation Pianos (1): Alex White's 'Transductions'

Alex White's album Transductions came out on Room 40 early this month and I'm still getting over it. As a huge fan of pianos, real

Alex White


Takuroku Roundup No. 3

The new music from Takuroku just keeps coming. This is London's Cafe Oto download-only label for a series of pieces recorded by artists around the

Ken Ikeda Rie Nakajima Toshimaru Nakamura Valentina Magaletti


What is the deal with Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson's Sinfónía?

There have been so many times when I've been tempted to start a posting here with the opening sentence of that old Rolling Stone review

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson


Unusual suspects: Magnus Granberg and Skogen, Angharad Davies, Klaus Lang, Anton Lukoszevieze

Thanks to the coronavirus snafu I misplaced the last batch of CDs from Another Timbre (will remedy this later) but now I'm happily getting amongst

Angharad Davies Anton Lukoszevieze klaus lang Magnus Granberg


Cobalt Duo: Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm

Lost my internet over a week ago so I've been listening to more music but posting about it less. First thing of many I need

Anton Lukoszevieze Egidija Medekšaitė Fumiko Miyachi James Black Michael Wolters Sarah Lianne Lewis


Lockdown Roundup (2): Nick Ashwood and Laura Altman, Agnes Hvizdalek, Jacken Elswyth

I've been busy while sequestered at home, but still listening, including some more new releases from the past few weeks. I've heard one record before

Agnes Hvizdalek Jacken Elswyth Laura Altman Nick Ashwood


Lockdown Roundup: Lucy Railton, Melaine Dalibert, James Rushford

Responses to Covid-19 are coming thick and fast now. Quarantined from the wider world, musicians are making music alone, where they can. Cafe Oto, the

James Rushford Lucy Railton Melaine Dalibert


On being won over: Alvear-Bondi-d'incise, NEF

Cristián Alvear Cyril Bondi d'incise NEF


Lockdown Roundup: James Rushford, Will Guthrie

Musicians everywhere are getting slugged by Covid-19 shutting down venues and travel for months. What can you do? Keep making music. New pieces are going

James Rushford Will Guthrie


Aisha Orazbayeva: Music for Violin Alone

The idea of violin, or of any musician, alone has taken on a new meaning in the last couple of months. It has further associations

Aisha Orazbayeva


Telematic Concerts (with Pauline Oliveros)

In these days of self-isloation I keep getting told that teleconfernced gigs held over Zoom are becoming a thing, only to be subsequently told that

Alan Courtis John Tilbury Pauline Oliveros Roscoe Mitchell Wadada Leo Smith


Juliet Fraser, spilled out from tangles

It's good to remember that music is still being made. There's a new album out soon by Juliet Fraser - I've raved about her singing

Lawrence Dunn Lisa Illean Nomi Epstein Sivan Eldar


Lying low

It's awful when people describe music as 'relaxing'. We know they mean to be nice, but it's just so wrong. It's an experience made from

Jamie Drouin Liquid Transmitter Torsten Papenheim


Social distance: Apartment House play Demoč and Aglinskas

Now everyone's staying indoors, keeping to themselves, in a state of uncertainty, we may seek out distraction but ultimately everyone deserves some mental space, to

Adrián Demoč Julius Aglinskas


A Late Anthology of Early Music Vol. 1: Ancient to Renaissance

I listened to this new tape by Jennifer Walshe and had a whole bunch of ideas about what to write about it. Then I listened

Jennifer Walshe


aaangelicaaa: Charlemagne Palestine and Cassandra Miller at laaaaast

It's a fitting title. I dischi di Angelica seem to have been on hiatus for a few years but returned with some new releases in

Cassandra Miller Charlemagne Palestine


Apartment House plays Jackson Mac Low

It was great to hear "Is That Wool Hat My Hat?" performed at last. Getting to know Mac Low's work has often been an exercise

Jackson Mac Low


Xenia Pestova Bennett: Atomic Legacies

I've heard Xenia Pestova Bennett's piano playing on various occasions, but not heard of her work as a composer until now. Her new release Atomic

Xenia Pestova Bennett


Electroacoustic duos: Kevin Drumm & Adam Golebiewski, Phil Durrant and Bill Thompson

Adam Golebiewski Bill Thompson Kevin Drumm Phil Durrant


Apartment House plays Jim O'Rourke

Jim O'Rourke's music for small string ensembles (with electronics). I've been waiting for this one; an intriguing and almost unknown aspect of his music, brought

Jim O'Rourke


Five years of 840

The year has started. Two gigs this weekend just gone, both at Cafe Oto. The 840 series celebrated their fifth anniversary on Friday with an


Dark Night On The Black Dog Highway

I've been playing this one on and off since the end of summer and on these cold, dark nights it's coming into its own. Dark

Jamie Drouin Lance Austin Olsen Tim Clément


Ryoko Akama's 'Dial 45-21-95'; Jon Heilbron's 'Puma Court'

It's like looking at someone with short hair. We could tell if that person had long hair in the sixties and now has short hair,

Jon Heilbron Ryoko Akama


Insub Meta Orchestra plays Granberg and Pisaro

I've praised previous recordings by the Insub Meta Orchestra, a large ensemble of some twenty-five to thirty musicians combining an eclectic mix of acoustic instruments

Magnus Granberg Michael Pisaro


Philip Thomas playing Feldman and Wolff, live and on record

Everyone has been raving about Philip Thomas' box of pretty much all of Morton Feldman's solo piano music which came out late last year -

Christian Wolff morton feldman


LCMF 2019 Highlights, Part 3

(Continued from Part 2, here.) It's the last day of the year. On my desk is a small ammonite fossil; it is 140 million years

Angharad Davies Jennifer Walshe


LCMF 2019 Highlights, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1, here.) I've already said eclectic, haven't I? The thrid night began with a Bulgarian folk ritual, performed by the Mogila Kukeri

Alison Knowles Alwynne Pritchard Cassandra Miller La Monte Young Louis D’Heudieres Michael Finnissy


LCMF 2019 Highlights, Part 1

Flubbed last year but saw all of the latest London Contemporary Music Festival. Curators Igor Toronyi-Lalic and Jack Sheen put together the most ambitious programme

Eva-Maria Houben Jennifer Walshe


Frank Denyer's 'The Fish that became the Sun'

Frank Denyer's hour-long work for chorus and large ensemble The Fish that became the Sun received its premiere at a sold-out performance in Huddersfield last

Frank Denyer


Jennifer Walshe: ALL THE MANY PEOPLS

Jennifer Walshe makes computer music. Her voice remains at the centre of things, free of electronic modification but shaped and conditioned by present-day information technology.

Jennifer Walshe


Frank Denyer: The Boundaries of Intimacy

This weekend, Frank Denyer's hourlong work The Fish that became the Sun receives its premeire at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, some twenty-five years after

Frank Denyer


.​.​.​for some reason that escapes us

I got sent this a while back and it keeps popping up on my stereo and I to go look up what it is. It

Fredrik Rasten Vilhelm Bromander


All That Dust live, and Georgia Rodgers' A to B, Late lines

I've been writing up the new batch of releases by All That Dust, who had their launch gig on the weekend. Sadly, Georgia Rodgers had

Georgia Rodgers Tim Parkinson


Piano: Tim Parkinson played by Mark Knoop

The picture gets more complex. I previously described Tim Parkinson's opera Time With People as "warm-blooded reductionism", noting how his music had emptied out the

Tim Parkinson


Piano: Annea Lockwood and Luc Ferrari played by Xenia Pestova Bennett

Circumstances and temperament conspired so that I hadn't been to a gig in ages. Broke the drought last week with two piano recitals: Philip Thomas

Annea Lockwood Luc Ferrari


Stockhausen: Kontakte (Barton/Rhys)

Some physicists hope that evidence will be found that contradicts the Standard Model, opening up an entirely new understanding of how the universe works; in

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Cassandra Miller: Songs about Singing

I've been waiting a year for the next batch of releases from All That Dust. The first bit of great news is that one of

Cassandra Miller


Federico Pozzer: Breaths

Been listening to this repeatedly over the past couple of months but not writing about it; just enjoying it*. Don't know anything about composer Federico

Federico Pozzer


Parts: 180º, d'incise

I've been listening to a lot of music released as parts lately. In some cases they are definitely extracted from a larger performance but at

180º Amanda Stewart d'incise Jim Denley Nick Ashwood


Pancrace: The Fluid Hammer

Lot of excitement over the first Pancrace album that came out in 2017. The follow-up by the French quintet is not so much a departure



Jérôme Noetinger and Anthony Pateras: A Sunset For Walter

The hell is going on here? It's, it's... beautiful. A long, long way from his signature hyperactive style, Anthony Pateras contemplatively plays slow, arpeggiated octaves

Anthony Pateras Jérôme Noetinger


Charles Ross at Cafe Oto

You really need to see it as well as hear it; not just the visual element, but to appreciate the music as a theatrical experience.

Charles Ross


Playing: Catherine Lamb - Cristián Alvear, James Weeks - Mira Benjamin

I’m listening to people playing instruments, making music. Are they playing with, or on, their instruments? It's a trickier question here, as the musicians are

Catherine Lamb James Weeks


Playing: Simon Balestrazzi & Nicola Quiriconi, A Spirale w/ Chris Cogburn

I'm listening to people playing instruments, making music. In these cases, they're playing with their instruments, the verb used in the sense of exploration. Making

A Spirale Chris Cogburn Nicola Quiriconi Simon Balestrazzi


The End of Time: Olivier Messiaen, Linda Catlin Smith

Who would have thought that Messiaen needed rescuing? Yet all this time, in full view, his reputation has been in peril. Despite his secure position

Linda Catlin Smith Olivier Messiaen


Music We’d Like To Hear, 2019 season (part 3)

(Part 2 here.) The fiftieth Music We’d Like To Hear concert began with Séverine Ballon playing from her compositions for solo cello, which I've described


Music We’d Like To Hear, 2019 season (part 2)

(Part 1 here.) Music We’d Like To Hear's latest season continued their bold approach to reappraising recent music. The second concert began with a live


Music We'd Like To Hear, 2019 season (part 1)

Summer has been cruelly disrupted, but not before I got to take in all of this year's Music We'd Like To Hear season. I got


Samstag aus Licht in Paris

A friend of mine once attended the summer school Stockhausen hosted at Kürten each year. When he told me about it, we joked back and

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Lance Austin Olsen: Look At The Mouth That Is Looking At You

This gets dark and disturbing. I've written before about Lance Austin Olsen, the artist and composer who uses his paintings as scores to be realised

Lance Austin Olsen


Hearing it again: awirë

I was at this gig and I swore I'd written something about it, but nope. My memory gets hazy and my mind wanders. It happens

Angharad Davies Christoph Schiller Cyril Bondi Pierre-Yves Martel


Stockhausen For Times To Come

The Stockhausen fest at Southbank which started with Donnerstag aus Licht reverted to business as usual with a quick tour of the standards - Kontakte,

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Maryanne Amacher's GLIA at Kammer Klang

The last ever Kammer Klang was a celebration in their typical brilliant and daring style. Two nights of talks and films about Maryanne Amacher at

Maryanne Amacher


Donnerstag aus Licht on Southbank

A head full of pseudoephedrine and gin was never going to be an obstacle to enjoying a second performance of Stockhausen's Donnerstag aus Licht. If

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Similarities and differences: Cyril Bondi & d’incise, Magnus Granberg

Listening to the latest release by Cyril Bondi & d’incise, it's easy to hear similarities with their previous releases with the Insub Meta Orchestra. The

Cyril Bondi d'incise Magnus Granberg


Oren Ambarchi at 50

A three-day weekend at Cafe Oto: less a showcase of Ambarchi's talents, more a swag of really cool birthday presents. Here's a quick trip round

Oren Ambarchi


Klaus Lang & Golden Fur: Beissel

Usually, when someone says that a piece grows on you, they mean that they didn't like it at first but then came to find at

golden fur klaus lang


Annea Lockwood at Kammer Klang

Annea Lockwood is one of those composers who I like even when I don't like their stuff: there's always a point of view, an insight

Annea Lockwood


Julius Eastman: Femenine

From time to time, the legend of Julius Eastman - tragic decline, obscurity, posthumous elevation to musical martyrdom - threatens to overshadow his achievements. He

Julius Eastman


Debasing the Coinage of Popular Usage: Alan Courtis, Diatribes

After hearing so many stripped-back works for solo guitar, it makes a fun change to get sent a guitar album that is cranked and processed

Alan Courtis Cyril Bondi d'incise Diatribes


Solos: Félicie Bazelaire, Ferran Fages

I've been listening to some new releases by d'incises, working in collaboration with various composers and musicians. (This is the guy who's part of the

d'incise Félicie Bazelaire Ferran Fages


Alvin Lucier at the Round Chapel

Almost ten years ago, I saw Alvin Lucier in one of the most memorable gigs I've been to, performing Bird and Person Dyning at Wilton's

Alvin Lucier


Works on Paper: Gil Sansón and Lance Austin Olsen

Feels like I've been away forever. I got a bunch of new albums I want to talk about and a superb Alvin Lucier concert I

Gil Sansón Lance Austin Olsen


Things Seen, Heard (3)

Two gigs in churches in my neighbourhood this month. Áine O'Dwyer and Eva-Maria Houben at the Old Church in Stoke Newington. Primary reason for going


Luc Ferrari, Tautologos, Situationism, Entropy (beginning, not to be concluded)

A map of the 16th Arrondissement drawn by Debord’s friend Paul-Henri Chombart de Lauwe, traces the routes taken by a student over the period of

Luc Ferrari


Deeper listening: Mark R Taylor, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Michael Pisaro

As I was saying, I've spent a few weeks getting to know a few CDs more closely. Two in particular have required closer attention, for

Mark R Taylor Michael Pisaro Morgan Evans-Weiler


Catherine Lamb and Johnny Chang with or without Viola Torros

When I got back to town, people told me I’d missed a great gig, with Johnny Chang and Catherine Lamb playing at St Mary at

Catherine Lamb Johnny Chang


Michael Parsons at 80

A small bright spot, then another week of flu. I can still recall enough of that previous Friday evening with gladness, the ambience of bonhomie

Michael Parsons


Mattin: Songbook #7

I presume there is nothing unique about me associating Mattin with provocation. Thinking over it, every one of those provocative actions that I can remember



Þráinn Hjálmarsson: Influence of buildings on musical tone

It's easy to get jaded, to burn out on new music. You go listen to a lot of stuff and after a while you keep

Þráinn Hjálmarsson


Matthew Shlomowitz, live and on record

I am not enjoying this. Freeze-dried samples set in stiff rhythms; that febrile, brittle texture of Eighties pop music and Eighties art musicians who wanted

Matthew Shlomowitz


Old Masters: Babbitt, Nono, Feldman

"Babbitt?" One of the punters at the All That Dust record label launch party looked incredulous. As well as issuing CDs, the label is releasing

Luigi Nono Milton Babbitt morton feldman


Trip Report: An Assembly play Charlie Usher and Rowland Hill

I've got some new recordings I need to talk about (Þráinn Hjálmarsson, All That Dust) but first I should follow up on that An Assembly

Charlie Usher Rowland Hill


Séverine Ballon: inconnaissance

I went to four unrelated cello gigs in about a week, each demonstrating some a aspect of playing and composing for the instrument. 840's most

Christian Wolff Judith Hamann Phill Niblock Séverine Ballon


Organs, Inner and Outer: Thomas Ankersmit, Rohan Drape

I'm a sucker for feedback synthesis* and therefore I'm very happy with Thomas Ankersmit's new CD Homage to Dick Raaijmakers. There are two things that

Anthony Pateras Rohan Drape Thomas Ankersmit


Canadian Composers Concluded: Smith, Jang, Olsen

I mean this as highest praise to say the new Linda Catlin Smith CD on Another Timbre is more of the same. The two previous

Alex Jang Lance Austin Olsen Linda Catlin Smith


Cassandra Miller: 'O Zomer!' and 'Just So'

Everyone else has been raving about these two new Cassandra Miller CDs and I need to get in on it too. Like many others, I've

Cassandra Miller


Ingrid Plum: Taut

I got sent a digital version of the latest release from Graham Dunning's Fractal Meat label: a book and CD of vocal compositions commissioned by

Ingrid Plum


Real Live Canadians at Cafe Oto

They were promised, and they delivered. It takes one hell of a strong programme to get me to bear an August evening inside Cafe Oto

Alex Jang Cassandra Miller Lance Austin Olsen Linda Catlin Smith


Composed, Uncomposed, Discomposed

I'm allergic to jazz; don't know why. Probably from being raised on rock, but I always hated rock music that held on to the past

Anthony Pateras Erkki Veltheim Magnus Granberg Scott Tinkler


Memory, Forgetting

When I wrote about that new recording of John Cage's Two², I tried to link to my recent review of some of Cage's other piano

John Cage Jürg Frey Terry Jennings


A Portrait of Frank Denyer

An all-too-rare chance last weekend to hear live music by Frank Denyer, an English composer treated like a guilty secret in his home country. Not

Frank Denyer


John Cage: Two²

Great art takes time and, as Cage observed in his Lecture on Something, art should not be something that comes from within, but that goes

John Cage


Difficult Music

Last Saturday night I was out at Iklectic, listening to a live set by Marie-Cécile Reber and Christoph Schiller. Missed the rest of the gig

Christoph Schiller Cyril Bondi Marie-Cécile Reber Morgan Evans-Weiler Pierre-Yves Martel


Insub Meta Orchestra: Choices & Melodies

Right at the end of last year I wrote about a CD of two pieces by the Insub Meta Orchestra; a fine disc that showed

Cyril Bondi d'incise Insub Meta Orchestra


Glenn Branca

After a while, all that remains is the music. Heard last night that Glenn Branca died. After what I said a couple of weeks ago

Glenn Branca


Music by Henning Christiansen: The Executioner and Den Røde Skov

Most musicians don't trust artists. Too focused on content, on saying stuff. Not enough emphasis on technique, always the risk that someone on stage might

Henning Christiansen


More guitars, and the editor as composer

In Sonic Youth's imaginative but haphazardly executed album Goodbye 20th Century, their tackling of various Cage and Cageian compositions contained one key insight: electric guitars

Anthony Pateras Clara de Asís Earle Brown Joanna Bailie Stephen O'Malley Zwerm


Alvear plays Sugimoto; Sugimoto plays Duplant

I went a Taku Sugimoto gig in a community centre in Footscray about fifteen years ago and he didn't do shit. For an hour or

Bruno Duplant Cristián Alvear Taku Sugimoto


Jürg Frey & Magnus Granberg: Early to Late

This Friday Music We'd Like To Hear is presenting a one-off concert outside of their usual summer season, of Ensemble Grizzana playing two new pieces

Jürg Frey Magnus Granberg


MP Hopkins: Aeroplanes & Puddles

Australians have a knack for eviscerating the more rarefied pretentions of psychography. While the Europeans drew upon an inherited mythology, the Americans self-mythologised. Meanwhile, the

MP Hopkins


Words and Music: Opera?

There's a CD rip of Samuel Beckett's play Words and Music in my MP3 player, with the music composed by Morton Feldman. I've tagged it

Anton Lukoszevieze morton feldman Samuel Beckett


Principal Sound: Feldman and Nono in particular

In the days when information was scarce, one of the few readily available recordings of Morton Feldman's late work was the CD of Joan La

Luigi Nono morton feldman


Repost: The Fall and the Liminality of Kitten Kong

(Originially posted 2006. RIP Mark E. Smith, who my girlfriend thought "looked pretty good for sixty-five" at the time.) Has anyone made a comedy map

Mark E. Smith The Fall


Opera as Entropy: Cage's Europeras 1 & 2

Many years ago I experienced a production of John Cage's last three Europeras in Cologne. Soon after, I blew the chance to see the first

John Cage


Working With Limitations: Olivia Block

How do you compose through improvisation? Just let go and try not to think about it? Keep it as it is, or go back and

Olivia Block


Working With Limitations: Insub Meta Orchestra

13 unissons: thirteen groups of two to three musicians each, playing one note in unison. Each group may play whenever they want but never with

Cyril Bondi d'incise Insub Meta Orchestra


Sophisticated — God, I’m almost sophisticated

I've been running with the same crowd too long. Like-minded people. It's all very agreeable, as you slowly encourage each other to become more and

Antoine Chessex Bernd Alois Zimmermann Georgia Rodgers Mauricio Kagel


Magnus Granberg: 'Nattens skogar'

I'm starting to think of Magnus Granberg's music the way I think of late Morton Feldman: each one is the same yet each one is

Magnus Granberg Skogen


Pianos (II): Epstein Abrahams Pateras

Nobody has made it.... Nobody is accessible*." At the last Music We'd Like To Hear concert this summer I heard the first live performance in

Anthony Pateras Chris Abrahams Paul A. Epstein


Tom Phillips' 'Irma', for real

Tom Phillips' opera Irma is nearly fifty years old and at the pre-performance talk on Sunday evening the host, the director and others were still

tom phillips


Ryoko Akama: places and pages

This is a vast work, in duration and scope, made from the briefest notations. It shows that there is so much more to be explored

Ryoko Akama


The Most Influential Rock Album Of The Last Twenty Years

I live in a country where Oasis is still treated as more than a punchline so I can't help but notice that their album Be


The Presence of Julius Eastman, in full

While I was away a new issue of Tempo came out, which includes my review of last December's London Contemporary Music Festival. This is a

Julius Eastman


Pianos (I): Parkinson Dalibert Pateras

For reasons economical as much as ideological the piano has become the one-man* laboratory for the composer as autonomous author or auteur using the instrument

Anthony Pateras Melaine Dalibert Tim Parkinson


Christoph Schiller & Morgan Evans-Weiler: spinet and violin

It describes itself as "an extended improvisation" but I don't believe it. A few years back Another Timbre put out a solo album by Christoph

Christoph Schiller Morgan Evans-Weiler


Late Feldman live and on record

Last September Mark Knoop, Aisha Orazbayeva, Bridget Carey and Anton Lukoszevieze played Morton Feldman's last piece, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello at Cafe Oto. I've written


John Cage's 'Concert For Piano and Orchestra'

The programme notes for the St John At Hackney gig last Thursday admitted that Cage's Concert For Piano and Orchestra is a work more often

Christian Wolff John Cage


A Post-Cage World: Antoine Beuger's Ockeghem Octets

In my mind I've worked up Antoine Beuger as my personal nemesis. Never met him, but his music has always aroused a vehement antipathy, sufficient

Antoine Beuger


Convulsive Amnesia and Disruptive Technology

How does a composer respond to the modern world? Do you try to shut it out as a distraction and risk irrelevance? Or do you

Anthony Pateras


I bought 10 Edition Wandelweiser CDs for 50 Euros and now I'm posting tweet-length reviews after drinking beer in the sun.

Tim Parkinson: cello piece A study in self-knowledge triumphing over self-expression, allowing the personal to speak for the universal. Eva-Maria Houben: von da nach da



The Canadian Composers Series on Another Timbre: Sabat, Ceccarelli and live

Three nights last week at Cafe Oto to hear concerts dedicated to The Canadian Composers Series on Another Timbre. As always, you get new perspectives

Chiyoko Szlavnics Isaiah Ceccarelli Linda Catlin Smith Marc Sabat Martin Arnold


The Canadian Composers Series on Another Timbre: Smith, Arnold, Szlavincs

In its own quiet way, this is one of the major events I've been looking forward to in 2017. Over the past year or so

Chiyoko Szlavnics Linda Catlin Smith Martin Arnold


Format Trouble: Line Gate v Claudio Parodi

Spent the last month making music, listening to it, making notes but not wanting to expand on them until now. All the music in my

Claudio Parodi Line Gate


One of those wonderful moments where nobody knows what's going on

Went to the latest Kammer Klang gig a couple of weeks ago. It was recorded by the BBC and is on their website for the

Cassandra Miller


New music that stays new

I need to talk about some recent releases on Simon Reynell's Another Timbre label because I've got a small stack of them here and still

Christian Wolff Dante Boon Dirar Kalash Giuliano d’Angiolini John Lely John Tilbury Jürg Frey


The Presence of Julius Eastman

For four years now, the London Contemporary Music Festival have put together the most exciting new music events in town. After last year's eclectic extravaganza,

Arthur Russell Frederic Rzewski Julius Eastman


More from the guitar: Sarah Hennies, d'incise, Cristián Alvear, Clara de Asís

Earlier in the year I raved about Cristián Alvear's album of Jürg Frey’s music for guitar. I've now been sent two new recordings by Alvear,

d'incise Sarah Hennies


Morphogenesis - Immediata

You sometimes get the feeling that musicians these days are frightened of complexity. It seems to go back to the 1990s, when Pärt and Górecki


Kammer Klang 2016-17: A Curmudgeon Writes

The new season of Kammer Klang kicked off this week at Cafe Oto. It's about the most innovative and interesting new music programme going around


Serious Listening Weekend

Are you playing an instrument or playing music? I’m old-fashioned enough to be leery of improvisation. Spent the weekend listening to new(ish) CDs of music

Adam Asnan Angharad Davies Anne-F Jacques Anthony Pateras Erkki Veltheim Gaudenz Badrutt Ilia Belorukov Illogical Harmonies Johnny Chang Jonas Kocher Keith Rowe Kurt Liedwart Louie Rice Mike Majkowski Tim Olive Tisha Mukarji Vasco Alves


Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello at Cafe Oto

You wish Morton Feldman's life hadn't ended so soon; not least because his work was still revealing unknown territory. For all that his late works

morton feldman


Eva-Maria Houben at Cafe Oto

A warm Tuesday night in London and Eva-Maria Houben is playing piano at Cafe Oto. She's chosen to play three short sets, so people can

Eva-Maria Houben


Violin+1: Bryn Harrison and Linda Catlin Smith

First, I have to say that I had Linda Catlin Smith all wrong. A couple of months ago Another Timbre released four CDs under the

Bryn Harrison Linda Catlin Smith


Music versus material (3): Arturas Bumšteinas

When is a field recording a composition? I suspect many musicians would like to keep this line as vague as possible, without considering how some

Arturas Bumšteinas


Music versus material (2): Lucio Capece

When is a field recording no longer a field recording? I originally started to phrase this question "where is the line between field recording and..."

Lucio Capece


Music versus material (1): Claudio Parodi

I don't trust field recordings. I've probably said this before, but I mean a certain type of field recordings: the ones with a pretence to

Claudio Parodi


Who is neither in nor out

If there's a Renaissance this century it will come from rediscovering what happened last century. So far it feels like a lot of modern musical

Claudio Parodi Harry Partch


Donnerstag aus Licht in Basel

As with Cage, so with Stockhausen: composers who upset the musical establishment are told their music will not survive them. On Sunday I was at

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Composing or improvising, or… (II)

For the last fifty-odd years there's been a grey area between what is composed and what is improvised. At home, I've been listening to some

John Lely Jürg Frey Marek Poliks Sarah Hughes


Composing or improvising, or... (I)

Each composition is built upon a computer program governing interaction between performers and the system, and creates situations rather than set pieces. The performers have

David Behrman Marginal Consort Ora Clementi


Jürg Frey: guitarist, alone

Decades of heavily amplified popular music have ingrained the idea of the guitar as a loud, swaggering vehicle of individualism at its most potent -

Jürg Frey


Postscript to The Curse of Taste: Christian Wolff

There was another typically eclectic Kammer Klang night a couple of weeks back (the music of Christian Wolff, Vinko Globokar and... Chicks on Speed?). A

Christian Wolff


The Curse of Taste: Marchetti, Pisaro

From the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries Western aesthetics were founded upon a fraught consensus of taste. The romantic understanding of art that was naturalistic

Michael Pisaro Walter Marchetti


Stefan Thut, un/even and one. Songs, 1 & 2.

I'm getting Wandelweiser from all over. First Sheffield, then Bilbao and now St Petersburg. Intonema sent me a nice little package and it's taken me

Rishin Singh Songs Stefan Thut


Kammer Klang: John Wall and Michael Finnissy

Managed to make it to the latest Kammer Klang gig at Cafe Oto (it's available in streaming audio for the next few weeks). For years

John Wall Michael Finnissy


Apartment House at Wigmore Hall

You get a funny crowd at Wigmore Hall on a Saturday night. Some punters come just because it's am awfully nice venue and they fancy

Egidija Medekšaitė Henning Christiansen John White Luiz Henrique Yudo Martin Arnold


Bryan Eubanks: The Bornholmer Suite

Looking very Goth, something else I received in the swag from Nueni Records. I've only heard a couple of pieces by Bryan Eubanks before, both

Bryan Eubanks


Manfred Werder: 2015/3

More text scores and more original Wandelweiser, from Manfred Werder. For the past ten years Werder has been composing music in which the score consists

Manfred Werder Regler


Jürg Frey: Circles and Landscapes

A few months ago I noticed the change in Jürg Frey's music in recent years, when discussing two contrasting but very fine albums of his

Jürg Frey


Joseph Kudirka: Beauty and Industry

Other than hearing a performance of his piece wyoming snow on the radio last year, I really knew nothing about Joseph Kudirka before receiving this

Joseph Kudirka


Unfinished Business: Ezra Pound's Music

Been listening a lot to two new CDs on Another Timbre: a new album of Jürg Frey's piano music played by Philip Thomas, and a

Ezra Pound


LCMF 2015, first three days real quick

I've spent the last three nights at the London Contemporary Music Festival and plan to spend the next four there, too. No time to put


Three Days in Huddersfield (Part Two of Two)

Part One is here. If you want a better of what was actually happening at the HCMF this year, go over to 5:4 for detailed


Three Days in Huddersfield (Part One of Two)

First night in Huddersfield for the HCMF I went to the first UK performance of La Monte Young's The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second


Michael Vincent Waller: The South Shore

I got a shock when I first put on this album. It was kindly sent to me by the composer. I opened the package to

Michael Vincent Waller


Apartment House at 20

The question is not whether or not what Cage is doing is art. I'm convinced that it will be art without even hearing the piece,


Jürg Frey: Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014

I won't search for it but a few years ago I made the passing remark that if Morton Feldman's music can be compared to Rothko

Jürg Frey


James Saunders - assigned #15

This is a weirdly evocative piece. I wrote about James Saunders's music last year, having heard a CD and attended a live concert of his

James Saunders


The Great Learning at Union Chapel, 2015

One of my formative experiences as a youth was hearing a few minutes' excerpt from that old LP of Paragraph 7 from Cornelius Cardew's The

Cornelius Cardew


Time With People: warm-blooded reductionism

"Madame, you are an eloquent and warm-blooded woman. I am a cold-blooded reductionist. Let us leave it at that." -- J. V. Cunningham Tim Parkinson

Tim Parkinson


Despairs, Would Fall

I've been listening to these two CDs from Another Timbre as a sort of diptych. Each one is a single work for ensemble, 45 to

Magnus Granberg Skogen


Olson III: everything was mapped out in 1967

"It sounds like the music of the future," he said as he put the CD on. He was right. It was the Organ of Corti

Terry Riley


Frank Denyer's Whispers

If only for having the advantage of hindsight, it may be easier to rediscover the past than to discover the present. I got sent some

Frank Denyer


George Maciunas, Musical Scoring Systems

I was always annoyed by the insincerity of the art world; I mean the way it pays lip service to stuff it says is important

George Maciunas Reviews


Thanksgiving: Thomas Buckner sings Robert Ashley

I didn't write about the last time Robert Ashley was in town. Sometimes you have an experience that gives you too much to think about,

Robert Ashley Thomas Buckner


The technique. Pateras, Toral, Frey.

Not much to report lately except for two gigs, both at Cafe Oto, about one week apart. First night: two solo sets, by Rafael Toral

Anthony Pateras John Lely Jürg Frey Rafael Toral


Is This Wandelweiser? West Coast Soundings

I think I've ragged on Wandelweiser a few times recently, finding fault with its apparent sense conformity and complacency. It's not completely true, of course,

Casey Anderson Catherine Lamb Chris Kallmyer James Tenney Liam Mooney Mark So Michael Pisaro


Old-Fashioned Modernism: An Index of Metals

Just reading about what Fausto Romitelli hoped to achieve with his final work, the "video opera" An Index of Metals, is enough to cause apprehension.

Fausto Romitelli


Konzert Minimal play Antoine Beuger and Catherine Lamb

I've been getting to know Catherine Lamb's music. Listening to the CD of her trio three bodies (moving) from Another Timbre has been one of

Antoine Beuger Catherine Lamb


Laurence Crane, live and on record

Laurence Crane


Non-systems (1)

On Saturday I got to see and hear the Scratch Orchestra play selections from Nature Study Notes. I saw these guys performing Cage's Song Books

Scratch Orchestra


An Evening with Christian Wolff

Last Monday, on the way back from the Tectonics festival in Glasgow, Christian Wolff gave a talk in London about his music. After his talk,

Christian Wolff


After "Vessels"

Last night I got to see Philip Thomas play Bryn Harrison's Vessels live, at Cafe Oto. As implied last time, I hadn't re-listened to the

Bryn Harrison


Bryn Harrison's "Vessels"

I've been working my way through that bundle of CDs from Another Timbre and so far the highlight has been the recording of Vessels for

Bryn Harrison


James Saunders, live and on record

In my last post a month ago(!) I was navel-gazing over the musical conversation going on in London. It's occurred to me that I've been

James Saunders


in vain and outside of taste

I had the good fortune to hear Gorecki's 3rd Symphony live in concert a few months before the famous recording of it was released and

Georg Friedrich Haas


July Mountain in Clapton

Pretty special night on Saturday, at the Round Chapel in Clapton. Tim Parkinson and a host of other muscian/composers including folks from Sonic Arts Research

Makiko Nishikaze Michael Pisaro


Abundance versus Excess: the Proms, part 2 and Stockhausen

I just remembered I never got around to talking about seeing Stockhausen's Mittwoch aus Licht in Birmingham last year. That needs to change soon. What

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Listening to Some Recent Silences

Like John Cage, I'm drawn to art with either too much or not enough in it. This means that I was compelled to attend the

Ben Isaacs Charlie Sdraulig György Kurtág Mathias Spahlinger Michael Pisaro


Working backwards through summer: the Proms, part 1

I was excessively busy with boring workaday stuff this summer, but I did get to see a few shows besides the LCMF. This year's Proms

Helmut Lachenmann


Authenticity is Overrated

"Cubism must have developed when the artist considered how much of his sketch must be finished. Finishing involves a stupidity of perception." - Guy Davenport,

Mauricio Kagel


Late November

A lot of good things came together on the night of 9 March. A bit over five years ago I first heard of Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson


Evidently I will freeze my arse off for Philip Guston

I spent Saturday afternoon in an empty art gallery in Camden listening to a live performance of Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston. In a high-ceilinged

morton feldman


Morton Feldman's early piano music at Cafe Oto

I've complained about the piano at Cafe Oto before. Just about everybody has, particularly John Tilbury, who refused to come back until it was replaced.

morton feldman


Golden Fur played Morton Feldman's "Patterns In A Chromatic Field" at Cafe Oto.

All the elements were in place for a disaster. Cafe Oto can be hot and stuffy in the best circumstances but after several intense summer

morton feldman


John Cage meets Regieoper (part 2)

Really sloppy notes here, sorry. Part 1 is here. I remember when I first heard Frank Zappa's songs. The singing felt forced and goofy, with

John Cage


John Cage meets Regieoper (part 1)

One other effect Einstein on the Beach had on my life was that it made me a sucker for wacky opera. After Einstein, John Cage's

John Cage


Charlemagne Palestine versus Oren Ambarchi

There's a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on but first I have to talk about the Charlemagne Palestine and Oren Ambarchi gig

Charlemagne Palestine Oren Ambarchi


Bird And Person Dyning

An old man is walking slowly through the room. At one end of the room a bird is twittering. Not a real bird; it's an

Alvin Lucier


So wrong it's right: Morton Feldman

I missed the concerts dedicated to Morton Feldman, my second-favourite composer, at the Huddersfield Festival last month. I'm not exactly sure where Huddersfield is -

morton feldman


The Fall and the Liminality of Kitten Kong

Has anyone made a comedy map of Britain? I don't mean a map indicating clubs and the birthplaces of comedians; I mean a map marking

Mark E. Smith The Fall