Publications and other writings.

New, June 2017: "The Presence of Julius Eastman, London Contemporary Music Festival." Tempo, Volume 71, Issue 281.

Online Writing

The Taxi Driver Looks At The Seine. A short story written in 1993, now with added web content.

The Obsolete Guitar. Some sort of a manifesto.

Most of my posts at Sarsaparilla, preserved at the National Library of Australia's Pandora archive.

Richard Kelly Tipping: Public Works”, Haiku Review, #6, 2005.

Oh the Humanities! Ushering in a New Renaissance”, LOG Illustrated, No.10, Christchurch, 2000.


"The Presence of Julius Eastman, London Contemporary Music Festival." Tempo, Volume 71, Issue 281, July 2017.

"William S. Burroughs: Curse Go Back". Sleeve notes for the Paradigm Discs LP release, 2016.

The Redrawing Times, part of the Collected Collaborations show, Monash University, 2011.

“World Class Anxiety”, Meanjin, 67 (3), 2008.

Volumeveryone, (with others). Folio of artist pages, edition of 100, Clubs Project Inc., Melbourne, 2003.

Sleeve notes to Anthony Pateras's CD, Malfunction Studies (Inevitable Records), 2002.

“Art and Sleep: A Brief Survey”, LOG Illustrated, No.15, Christchurch, 2001.

“Black Cat to Sitting Duck”, LOG Illustrated, No.13, Christchurch, 2001.

“Many Cathy Returns”, LOG Illustrated, No.12, Christchurch, 2001.

“Ethical Geometry and the Transmutation of Metals”, LOG Illustrated, No.10, Christchurch, 2000.

“Closing Sequences”, LOG Illustrated, No. 8, Christchurch, 1999.

“What do you Think Machines Have to Do with Your Problem?”, LOG Illustrated, No.7, Christchurch, 1999.

“The Fruitflies of Paris”, LOG Illustrated, No.6, Christchurch, 1999.

Explicit Sausage, self-published zine (edition of 24 unique copies), for Phil Edwards' show ArtZine, Melbourne, 1999.

“The Pear is Not Real”, catalogue text for Helen Gibbins' exhibition, A Scenario for Perfect Placement, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne, 1998.

“Parmentier and Minit at the Up Top Bar, Melbourne”, LOG Illustrated, No.5, Christchurch, 1998.

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