A gradually growing selection of my music for you to rapaciously download and then never quite get around to listening to. Or hear it all in streaming audio at The Listening Room.

What's new

September 2015: I'll be part of Control, a group show of interactive music next month at Cafe Oto's Project Space. 10 to 13 September, from 1 to 9 pm each day (free entry).

July 2015: My CD Redundens for Piano has been reissued as a pay-if-you-want download. Go hog wild.

The Listening Room

Streaming audio of almost every piece of music on this website - over 75 mp3s to choose from. Even more on my Soundcloud page and Youtube channel.

Descriptive Catalogue of Musical Works (incomplete)


* No, not that Ben Harper! Honestly, years ago I used to get misdirected email from slow-witted fans who had trouble using Google. A few of them may still be waiting for that album of trip-hop klezmer I promised them.

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