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Covid-19 Sale. Everything is $2.00, or get the entire discography at half price. Includes links to the Secret Page. Ask about download codes.

Terminals (Galleon, autumn?.?) is now available on Bandcamp.

German For Bad Luck is now available on Bandcamp.

Descriptive Catalogue of Musical Works (incomplete)

Piano Sonata No. 1 (Toccata Furioso)

A relentless fractal cyclone of microtonal madness, pushing rigorous systems and the concept of the piano as a keyboard instrument to the edges of chaos. Now available on Bandcamp.

Haunted Comma

Four sine waves tuned to a major seventh chord go on a journey through an increasingly wacky series of retunings. Now available on Bandcamp.

Chain of Ponds

A feedback network raised to a level of complexity approaching an organic environment, all synthesised in an ordinary laptop computer. Now available on Bandcamp.

144 Pieces For Organ

A gross of very short pieces, created entirely within a spreadsheet. Hear as many or as few as you like. The complete set for streaming or download, and a growing number of videos.


18 hours, 2056 pages. What happens when 555 baroque keyboard sonatas are played simultaneously, very very slowly. Includes audio samples, full MIDI file and complete score for you to play along with at home.


The second sequel to String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta), with three fewer notes but 120 more instruments. Streaming video available now.

Spectral Shadow of String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta)

The first sequel to String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta), turning music into visual art and then back into music again.

This Is All I Need: Music for the Bionic Ear

Composed with assistance from the Bionic Ear Institute, this music was made specifically for people with cochlear implants but it can be enjoyed by everyone!


Composed as a memorial to the tenth anniversary of John Cage's death. Fourteen out-of-tune harpsichords with missing strings attempt to play different baroque sonatas simultaneously, in a Cheap Imitation of Cage's HPSCHD.


5 x 5 choruses for a guitar or something increasingly unlike it. The sound of failure. Where all the buildings look alike, even if they're not.

Real Characters and False Analogues

The long-awaited sequel to Stained Melodies. Five years in the making, because I'm a superb procrastinator. A set of twelve pieces for microtonal piano, with a richer palette of harmonies and textures than its predecessor.

The Old School Is Built On The Ruins Of The New School

Coaxing another performance out of my senile laptop on a return visit to Melbourne. A more sophisticated piece for fake feedback. Includes blurry photos and two studio mp3s because I couldn't record the gig without the hard drive conking out.

The One Who Was Neither Or Nor

I rediscover my hitherto unknown Kiwi roots while touring Melbourne and Brisbane, and learn how to fake a homebrew analogue modular synthesiser on an ageing laptop with a dodgy hard drive. Includes mp3s of two live gigs in their entirety (at least until I use up my bandwidth).


How many times can I rewrite Schoenberg’s Three Pieces for Piano, Op.11 into something much less interesting than the original? A work in progress. Redundens 6i for piano is part of Daniel Wolf's A Winter Album. Redundens 1m is part of Melodica!

Sketch for "A"-16

A glimpse into a new work for live analogue electronics, using bi-directional feedback oscillators made from various devices bought at pawn shops. Includes three mp3s for download to give an idea of how it's going so far.

St Paul's Pianos With Real Nightingales

Nearly two years in the making, mainly because I just couldn't get the electronics right. A series of 23 short chorales for piano, combined with digitally simulated feedback and sampled nightingale stops from old pipe organs. Something for everyone. Includes an mp3 sample for your approval.

Hentai-Oto-Ma: Last Pieces for Digital Synthesis

A set of pieces created at home on the computer, using free and shareware programs, ping pong tables, line noise, random splotches, leftovers, and pornography. "The Night We Burned Down Bimbo Deluxe" and "Hentai-Oto-Ma" are now ready for download as mp3s - other tracks may follow soon.

The Slips

A written text to be performed by two speaking voices, playing with the anomalies of plain language, trying to shake meanings loose from the sounds of words, turning speech into music.

String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta)

A strict, very fast canon in unison played by 240 string quartets with a remarkably uniform sense of intonation. Its harmonic simplicity and stillness make it a peaceful sonic object for quiet contemplation (he reckons). Full story and mp3s of the 2005 amd 2008 versions available for download.

Magnificent Bastards

23 November 2003: A good day to mess around with tuning programs and I Ching simulators. Eight very short mp3s available for download.

Baroque Variations

Variations on themes from Stained Melodies, performed by a virtual chamber orchestra of cheap General MIDI samples, with percussion solos, field recordings from various locations around Melbourne, and words of inspiration from Father Gerard Dowling.

Stained Melodies

A series of 24 short, rather cheerful pieces for piano written in 2000. More information here, including mp3s for download of the entire set. The piano is played by the multitalented Miss Cooky La Moo. No, the piano's not out of tune; it's in 'hard' Ptolemaic just intonation.

Dick Without A Hole and The Cure For Headaches

What makes Australians so bloody funny? Talkback radio callers in Adelaide show the world their unique gifts of humour and comic timing. Then the mood's killed by an American who's found God. He was in prison. The American, not God. Comes with two mp3s for you to share the magic.

Disposable Guitar Play Once Throw Away, and Ola-R

A cassette recorded in 1999, produced in a limited edition of six cheap cassettes with handmade covers. The instrument on side A is an electric guitar made with homebrew pickups and a built-in 0.2 watt speaker powered by a 9 volt battery. On side B, lose the guitar and keep the feedback. The B-side was later remixed to become the piece Ola-R. Three mp3s.


* Not that Ben Harper.

All works © Ben.Harper 1999-2016. Recorded in Your Dad’s Den. A Cooky La Moo production.