Filler by Proxy XXVII: Welcome to the 21st Century; I challenge you to a loins-off.

Saturday 10 December 2005

Still waiting on that personal jetpack for the commute to and from my perspex geodesic dome, but in the meantime we can give sullen, grudgeful thanks for the few, glistening gems of Future Shock that are tossed our way. First, coloured bubbles! I cannot understand why I am so excited about this. It’s like cold fusion turned out to be real, only more fun.
Second, Neil Diamond has a MySpace page. Anyone unwilling to at least cut this guy an inch of slack has a heart of stone. The fine blog Heart on a Stick has collected the best of the many, many accolades the man has received in his short stay on the website, and in doing so has taken the pulse of a modern, media-savvy society when common toilers such as you and I are suddenly confronted by the presence of a genuine, undeniable star. WARNING: it’s a bit bandwidth-intensive, but worth the effort.
  1. Professor David Flint has him a blog too.
    Not as interesting as Neil's.

  2. Wow, that is really embarrassing! I know he doesn't want to appear to be too intellectual, but he really is descending to the Andrew Landeryou level of blogging, only without the criminal charges.

    Non-Australians: David Flint is what passes for a public intellectual in Australia. When reading his stuff, it helps to take a drink every time he uses the word 'elite'.