Tutti Forgetti

Saturday 29 January 2011

Music For The Bionic Ear premieres in two weeks’ time so I’ve been busy tidying the completed work, after a hectic week correcting an almighty stuff-up. What follows is a blog post I’d forgotten I’d written until I found it this afternoon while looking for something else.

Listened to 1/1 off Brian Eno’s Music For Airports for the first time in years. Much more happening than I remembered.

  1. My ear training has come along.
  2. I’m listening to a different mix that’s been “punched up” for today’s attention-deficit culture.
  3. Small, cheap speakers bring out the synth treatments more.
  4. My old LP pressing was really crap.

Seemed shorter, too (cf. years of listening to La Monte Young, Iced Vo Vos used to be bigger etc.)