Doppelgänger Blues

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Thanks to another one of those wacky mixups that keep happening to me, I found out that some people have been listening to my music on, presumably by accident. By “some” I mean “fourteen”.

Enticed by the prospect of doubling the size of my audience, I took responsibility for my artist page and have now started uploading stuff there too. At first, under the “Similar Artists” tag on my page they listed Max Neuhaus and I was chuffed. Then they changed it to People Like Us and I was sad. Now they list a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of so I’m OK with sharing with you again.

There are only a few tracks up right now, but I’d like to put up some pieces I don’t have room for on my website. Will give you a heads-up when new material appears.

  1. Hi. I did not know you had a website of your music – After I saw the post I checked it out away. I am currently playing it in the background. i particularly like your Canon in Beta. I look forward to more uploads. The Hilltop Hoods are not the only music from former Blackwood High students.

    You could release your music on minidisc and be the only artist in the world to still do so! Although i now have 3 ipods inc an iphone I still have a soft spot for the old minidisc. i just bought the latest/last Sony minidisc player so i’ll have a go putting your music on minidisc. Regards Andrew B

  2. Cheers! I actually have a box of minidiscs here.

    I had no idea the Hilltop Hoods went to Blackwood High. This news makes me sad. Didn’t that first lead singer in AC/DC go there too?

  3. Hi. I am not sure if he went to Blackwood High. Do you mean the one before Bon Scott who was basically sacked form the band? They interviewed him on TV recently because ACDC are touring Australia. It was a bit sad. I suspect he is not worth the tens of millions the rest are. Members of ACDC regular make those top list of millionaires in Australia. In perhaps a statement about the age of the crowd one poor fellow died of a cardiac arrest at their concert. Personally i quite like ACDC’s song (in its various forms of course). The hilltop hoods were pretty good when they played with the ASO. Their lyrics can be fairly clever and adding the ASO gave more depth to the music -it improved their songs no end. Rap can be musically a bit thin on the ground for ideas in a given song.

    What do you have on your minidiscs? Any prerecorded one?
    Talking of outdated technology I believe it is almost impossible to get an old mellotrone now but they may be making them again – Owning one of those would be very cool – i bet you could spend hours eperimenting with modifying the tapes in the machine