What’s On Top Of The Pile?

Saturday 29 August 2009

Julius Eastman, Stay On It (Ne(x)tworks live in concert at The Stone)

I’ve been having a little binge on minimalist music lately, and happened to find this 2007 performance of an essential piece by Julius Eastman – a tragic, quasi-mythical figure in the New York music scene. Stay On It starts out in a jaunty, upbeat fashion typical of much repetitive music… but then it starts to fall apart. And then something else happens. And then another something else, and then… It’s a great piece of music, and a neat reminder that in 1973 some composers were already finding minimalism old hat.

  1. Hey, sorry there. But we at Ne(x)tworks International Headquarters took down these files in anticipation of a future commercial release of this material.

    Sorry again, but please keep in touch with Ne(x)tworks activities at


  2. Thanks for writing back – good to hear that this will be getting a commercial release.