Root of an Unfocus

Monday 5 January 2009

New year’s resolution: stop making promises. A late offer of a car trip through the countryside over the weekend crueled my plans for staying home updating a silly old blog.
Also, I’ve thought about offering my own review of 2008, as others have done, but unlike last year no neat list comes to mind. For a number of reasons both within and outside of my control it was a sketchy, underwhelming year. Not enough travel, not enough art, not enough pleasant social intercourse.
For the greater part of the year I was preoccupied with legal hassles involving the dodgy dealings of a real estate company who lost some money I’d paid them, which they decided entitled them to send the bailiffs around demanding I pay them again, plus interest. So for me, when I think highlights of the year, I think of taking those chancers to court and watching the judge smacking them – almost literally.
Apart from that, the thing that really sticks out is, a year after his death, just how important Stockhausen is to music, and probably to the arts in general. Over the past year his name has come up again and again. I saw and heard more by and about Stockhausen in the past year than in the rest of my life put together. In fact, I’ll be hearing more later this month.