The Magic Listener Advisory Board Top and Bottom 5 for 2007, as voted for by people like you. Well, me really.

Sunday 27 January 2008

If you’re on the New Magic Listener Advisory Board, you’ll have had the chance to rate over 300 easy-listening, MOR, AOR, mouldy oldie, and long-forgotten novelty hits. As suggested before, Magic listeners have excellent taste in judging what people really want to hear, not what dickhead hipster ironists think people want to hear.

The Top 5:

1. “Runaway”, Del Shannon
2. “Then He Kissed Me”, The Crystals
3. “Ramblin’ Rose”, Nat King Cole
4. “Spicks & Specks”, The Bee Gees
5. “El Paso”, Marty Robbins
Anyone who would not be stoked to hear any of these five songs on the radio is an enemy of music. Bonus points are in order for bigging up a Bee Gees single the rest of the world would find hopelessly obscure.

The Bottom 5:

1. “Since I Fell For You”, Kate Ceberano
2. “Jolene”, Olivia Newton-John
3. “Ben”, Michael Jackson
4. “Please Don’t Ask Me”, Johnny Farnham
5. “Route 66″, Natalie Cole
It’s not explained whether this list is counting up or down, but still a clear picture emerges of what your average Magic listener does not like: ageing pop stars trying for second careers as lounge singers, off-brand cover versions, or pedophiles singing about rats. Take that, ironists.
In these troubled times, at least one corner of the world is in safe, sensible hands.
  1. I wonder if "Spicks & Specks" made it into the top five by virtue of its association with the ABC TV music quiz show of the same name. The theme tune is an adaptation of the Bee Gees' tune performed by the guy from Silverchair and the guy who has done other stuff with the guy from Silverchair.

  2. Good point Tim, I think this is quite possibly the case, for if it was based soley on 'the tune' they would most certainly have to place "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man" above Spicks & Specks" or even "New York Mining Disaster 1941" for that matter or "Holiday" – now that's a song! "Turn of the Century" maybe… damn it, these chaps were so good, I only wish they were Australian so i could have put it on my boom box and strutted through Dandenong Saturday with ma zinc cream splashed thick on ma schnoz!

  3. I hate to dredge up stereotypes but I suspect the average Magic listener doesn't know, let alone care, about the teen rock beat combo Silverchair.

    Besides, I always thought the ultimate Magic Bee Gees song was "World". Profound!