St Paul’s Pianos With Real Nightingales

Sunday 21 October 2007

For piano, digitally simulated feedback, and two nightingale stops. Section: MP3, 6.54MB. It’s about a man who made the scene, with a half-arsed twittering machine, in a disused shop in Willesden Green. Read the whole sad story.
  1. Hi

    Can’t claim to be a music buff but am very interested in the history of Willesden. I’ve long wondered about the not so faded sign above Lulu’s bar. Turns out it’s inspired you too. Wondered if you were in touch with any of Sydney Chidley’s descendants? I’m researching a history of the High Road and would love some more info about the business if you can help, please.

  2. Yes – would be pleased to help where I can. The family home at the time was in St Pauls Avenue, but they later moved to a huge house (ex hotel) in Shoot Up Hill – so they did well.

    feel free to contact me via email