30 years on, Leo Sayer is still alive

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Perhaps it’s the steady rain outside that’s making me more melancholy than usual and thinking about Melbourne, but I kind of wish I was around the Melbourne Cemetery to see what odd little ceremonies the faithful are up to around the Elvis Memorial right about now.
I remember where I was when I heard that Elvis had died. I was at home and my mum mentioned it. I’d never heard of Elvis before so I just mentally substituted the name of the first pop star I could think of.
  1. Hi Ben

    i remember watching Elvis movies not long before he died. i thought his name was Rustie – presumably a character he played in a movie. They were the sort of movies a 6 or 7 year old could follow as they were pitched at a pretty low level. It wasn't long after this that he died. I remember knowing who he was, sort of; more a movie actor then a singer. They played his movies every night on TV for a week in Whyalla. I think i might buy his movies on DVD for my son when he is 6 ot 7.

  2. I approve of this idea of giving yr kid a baseline from an early age by which he can judge other crap pop culture. And then 30 years later he can remember the same stupid shit we're remembering now.

    Seriously, Elvis made zero impact on my consciousness before he died and then BOOM in my face forever.