What’s on top of the pile?

Saturday 5 May 2007

Although the books are pretty much sorted out, all my CDs are still sitting around the house in unsorted piles and boxes. Even when I did have shelf space for the discs there was always a certain amount of overspill, which accumulated in a small stack near the CD player. Anything that got played would linger on this pile for a week or so, as its place on the shelf had been taken up by another CD previously on the pile, and so would have to wait before it could be returned from pile to shelf until another vacancy opened up, when a third CD was transferred from shelf to pile. A similar pile has established itself beside the CD player on my desk.

Glenn Branca, The World Upside Down (New York Chamber Sinfonia, Glen Cortese)
Found years ago in the ten bucks or less bin at Gaslight Music, which I just googled and found out it went bust a few months after I left Melbourne. Much in the same way that you can’t play rock on a trumpet, if you take away the dozens of retuned electric guitars from Branca‘s music and replace them with a string orchestra, it sounds much less like Sonic Youth and much more like John Adams.

Ed Kuepper, Honey Steel’s Gold
Half price off mid price at JB. Apparently, if you overhear this album from the next room it sounds like Talking Heads: whether it’s Remain in Light Talking Heads or True Stories Talking Heads is yet to be clarified by my girlfriend.