Filler by Proxy XLIX: “Great Expectations presented as a log flume” – I’m not making this up.

Wednesday 18 April 2007

I’ve been to the opera, but I can’t post about it today: I’m off to Dickens World!
Never mind that the books tackle child exploitation, poverty, murder and domestic violence; the indoor attraction is based on designs by the creator of Santa World in Sweden so the emphasis is firmly on fun, fun, fun.
Dickens World feels like Disney gone to the dark side. In place of the Magic Kingdom there is Newgate Prison; instead of talking animals there will be shady characters loitering in dark corners. Although the attractions are all faithfully Dickensian, the larks are very much 21st century….
The whole project cost £62m and hopes to present Dickens to coaches of schoolchildren without having to call in the Muppets for backup.
It’s all within a day-trip from my house, apparently.
  1. Dude – I have two questions…

    1. What's up with all the dead people on your blog?


    2. Is there really a theme park called Dicken's World or did you mock up the website?

    FYI – I'm a friend of Fiona's and we were looking at your blog at work…

  2. Secondly: would that I could have mocked up the entire Guardian website, complete with "opinion pieces" by Peaches Geldof.

    Firstly: I didn't realise how many stiffs were clogging up the place until you pointed this out.

    Yours is the best comment I have ever received. Keep wasting time at work!