The Girlfriend is Learning Italian

Saturday 4 November 2006

  1. Italian! great -next year when i learn french we can swap photos of words and both becpme bilingual-(In other languages i mean)

  2. Excellent! I shall work on brushing up my German. Hope you like sausages.

  3. I wouldn't mind una bottiglia di vino right about now ….

  4. Incidentally, what's with these Italians? 'Forchetta'? Oh – that would be a FORK! But why use one syllable when THREE will do?

    A decadent culture, I tell you!

  5. timt, the third photo down is carefully framed to omit the dead men perpetually cluttering up the kitchen.

    You don't like languages which make it easy to fill out verse metres and rhyme schemes? Too many syllables? FORCHETTABOUTIT!!!!1!

  6. That is one good thing about words with three syllables or more, especially as they tend to have a natural rhythm of their own. Funny, though – when you look into the bush ballads of the 19th/ early 20th century – by guys like Lawson, Patterson, and Lindsay-Gordon, who really loved their eight, nine, and ten stress lines – they resort all too often to filling in the syllables, one at a time, with tiny prepositions, one-syllable nouns, et cetera. Well, I suppose it is easier to write poems that way …