Librarian Logic*

Monday 6 June 2005

Why are there always these bags of rubbish lying around London?
Because we got rid of all of the rubbish bins.
Why did you get rid of all the rubbish bins?
Because the IRA used to hide bombs in them.
Why don’t they put the bins back now the IRA have stopped bombing things?
Because now the Arabs fundamentalist Islamic terrorists might hide bombs in the bins.
Why won’t the terrorists just hide bombs in the thousands of bags of rubbish lying around on the streets?
Thanks to Mademoiselle Fifi for this observation.
* cf. Law of the Playground
  1. [...] was a bomb because “it felt heavy when we picked it up.” So they’ve taken away what few bins they’d put back (for “bins”, read “transparent plastic bags”) in around the station a few [...]

  2. Not really the point. Why are the bags there in the first place. The contents of which usually contain (unsorted) fresh food, excess fresh uncooked ingredients, non segregated recyclable waste. It is absurd how inefficient the commercial food industry is.