Boss to Customers: You Stink

Tuesday 14 June 2005

If you think the British are a bunch of sissies for passing out from the purported heat of an English summer, you’re overlooking one deadly factor: the Tube. The Underground can easily be mistaken for hell, given that it’s (duh) underground, packed with lost and tormented souls, at many times offers no chance of escape, and in summer is as hot as (duh) hell.
However, the authorities who run the Underground are developing some innovative schemes to alleviate commuter stress:
London’s Tube boss today urged passengers to “take a shower” to help fellow passengers cope in sweltering carriages.

Well, that’s this year’s productivity bonus in the bag!
When it was suggested that perhaps the Underground could contribute something as well – such as not letting the trains break down all the time, or even installing some type of cooling system – the beautifully named Tim O’Toole took the it’s-not-a-bug-it’s-a-feature approach and replied:
I think it would be fair to say those who are given the greatest challenge by the asset failures pose the greatest challenge to considerate behaviour.

It’s not a poorly-maintained and inefficient service, it’s a personal challenge to better hygiene!
  1. So it's official then, we can tell other pommies to take a wash. That means getting the entire body under the falling water, not just the face and armpits.

    Any chance you can get your teeth fixed while you're at it?????

    OK, of to fuck a sheep while I drown a dingo.

  2. Oh I am laughing so much at the moment. My bf is heading off to London next saturday and his very first experience is going to be that of the tube. *cackles with glee* I'm not sadistic, but he is leaving me here in the winter cold while he enjoys the frivolity and frolic of a Contiki tour. So, Uh, don't worry too much about that personal hygiene just for one more week, thanks ;)

  3. Your bf is leaving you… to go on a Contiki tour… without you??? He deserves to boil. And he will, if he has to use public transport in London anytime in the near future.

  4. sweat baby sweat. I hope those nice 30+ temperatures hold for the next week.