The London Review of Books personal ad of the month, May 2005

Saturday 14 May 2005

Has been withheld. Perhaps because it’s now all too close to home (figuratively and literally). Perhaps because this month’s crop isn’t that great. Or perhaps I don’t want youse rootrats muscling in on all the sweet, wealthy, menopausal action to be had in this town.
  1. oh damn, i just died a little death….

    tho love this one….
    Attracting a mate with these ads is like shooting fish in a barrel. Blind marksman (M, 38), firing blanks the wrong way, seeks bigger target fitted with claxon for narrowing of implausible odds. Dulwich. Box no. 10/09

  2. That one is pretty good, although I misread the last bit as "implausible cods." After a few months the Hugh Grant jokiness starts to wear a bit thin.