A fishtank full of blood

Tuesday 15 March 2005

He’s back!
Krankiboy is gifted another cinematic masterpiece from maverick auteur Erik Blevins: Cancer Pond! The powerful concluding sentence:

They symbolically eat the fish, and mom makes an ornament out of the dead bird (a new artistic endeavor = hope and possible fucking in the near future) and that’s what the credits are rolling over – the dead bird ornament and it makes the audience think.

  1. yar bullshit – that pic is from trailerpark.com

  2. Bullshit yself – trailerpark.com are the fine folks who make ads for quality cinema, such as the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", the remake of "The Ladykillers", the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", the remake of "Cheaper by the Dozen", and the remake of "Harold and Maude go to White Castle." I don't remember any of those featuring Coco Washington symbolically striving to pull a root.