Update: Australia’s favourite books

Sunday 12 December 2004

A few days ago I favoured you with my thoughts on the ABC’s poll on Australia’s favourite books. Now there’s a discussion over at Crikey about what the hell happened. Two choice quotes:
In the SMH we are told there were 15,000 voters and 5,000 different book titles. An average of 3 votes per book.
I’d just thought I’d let you know, although it’s probably un-provable, that members of the My Favourite Book production staff went around the ABC getting staff to fill out votes. I personally voted twice and one staff member was asked to vote 10 times for A Fortunate Life so it would make it into an appropriate placing.
Are there lots of Falun Gong devotees working at the ABC?
  1. probably not, but there seem to be a lot of christians… Now ben, please post artsy stuff to see between now and new year … we're relying on you!!
    i am also going to link to you. realised i've seen your blog ages ago, glad to have returned via karma to burn.

  2. Well, if you're kind enough to link to me i'd better (a) keep updating and (b) post something about art like I'm supposed to.