Update: Phelpsy for PM! (cue laughter)

Wednesday 15 September 2004

Just looked through the Stingers site and found this tasty nugget:

STINGERS star Peter Phelps’ next role could be in Canberra — the actor will stand for the Senate in the October 9 election. Phelps will join the Your Voice group, a pro-indigenous political movement established this year. He said he was disillusioned with mainstream political parties. “So I want to give them a bit of a kick in the guts,” Phelps joked yesterday. He was talking tactics in Alphington with other Your Voice members, including founder Richard Frankland. The Aboriginal director, musician and writer said the idea for the party was sparked by the Federal Government’s abolition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. And Frankland was not satisfied with the alternatives: the Democrats, Greens and Labor.
So, I’m sorry for impugning Phelpsy’s intelligence in the preceding article. Actor, statesman, author, singer, and Peter Allen impersonator: Peter Phelps is a true Renaissance Man.
  1. hey, i like your blog name. and the post on martin niemoller.
    i mentioned garth ploog once on my blog and it's brought it so much traffic.

  2. Thanks! I had no idea who Garth Ploog is, and when I googled him the first result was an Australian Idol fan page for someone called Garth Plogg. Clearly he's a name to watch.