This Is The New (Old) Music: Hentai-Oto-Ma

Thursday 31 March 2016

I feel bad about not posting anything all month, so I’m reissuing an old, out-of-print CD as a download. Hentai-Oto-Ma: last pieces for digital synthesis 2001–2006 is pretty much what it says it is. A collection of pieces made using various inexpensive and freeware granular synthesis programs on both audio and visual samples. There was a limited run of CDs made for this album but I think they’re all gone now, so I’ve made it available again as a download on Bandcamp. I’ve written more about each of the pieces elsewhere on this site.

For this new release I’ve made a few minor tweaks to the sound. Really wide dynamic ranges are annoying me at the moment and I never liked the “brick wall” limiting the generating software imposed on a couple of pieces. That’s fixed now.