Music For The Bionic Ear: One week to go! Sort of.

Friday 4 February 2011

With Interior Design: Music For The Bionic Ear premiering Sunday week, 13 February, I’m putting the finishing touches* to my piece, now titled This Is All I Need. The concert venue has a multi-channel speaker system, so I’m taking advantage of the setup and working on a mix to present my piece in glorious 8-channel surround sound. Or maybe only 4-channel. I haven’t quite decided yet.

The Music For The Bionic Ear page has now been updated, with a brief history of the project and my contribution to it, including three mp3s showing how my ideas have developed while making the piece.

If you want, you can Download a flyer for the event(PDF).

*And not, I repeat not, deciding that some part or other could be better and re-doing the entire thing. That is not going to happen. No way.