What’s on top of the pile?

Wednesday 16 May 2007

(About the pile.) This is not a representative sample of what I’m listening to right now; it’s just about whatever CDs get to the top of the pile that I can be bothered writing something quick and short about. For one reason or another there are no really new CDs floating around the house. I don’t care to find out, but part of me hopes that the discs that get mentioned are deeply unfashionable right now.
A cheapo compilation of Curtis Mayfield’s Greatest Hits with sleeve notes in French.
It includes the full-length versions of “Move On Up” and “Don’t Worry If There’s A Hell Below”, which is a neat way of displaying integrity when you’re really just filling out the disc. What really fascinates me is that crazy woodblock solo on “Trippin’ Out”.
Autechre, Confield
I should have guessed when I found this one second hand, but after googling a bit it seems the critical consensus is that this is Autechre’s Unlistenable Album. Mind you, the consensus amongst most music critics is also “Boo hoo hoo Radiohead hurt my ears and last night at dinner the gravy and the potatoes were touching and life’s so unfair.”