It’s not filler it’s a trailer. Fine have it your way.

Sunday 22 April 2007

Hello. I have spent the better part of the last week helping my girlfriend decide on what kind of a small rug she should put in the hallway. In my spare moments I have thrown together a barely-coherent review of Satyagraha, and an unpleasant rant after going to see The Sound Source night at the ICA. There was also the Radius concert at Wigmore Hall on the weekend, which I should say something intelligent about.
These will all be posted very soon when I’ve made them into something readable, I’m sure. I was going to post another picture of the mummified corpse of Jeremy Bentham reading inter-office emails but I’ve had someone commenting that this blog is obsessed with death, so instead here’s another photo taken from my toilet. This is the glamorous night-time view over the Isle of Dogs towards Canary Wharf, and is as un-blurry as I can manage for now.