Every mp3 of my music scattered around on this website can be streamed from here. All of the tracks are described in greater detail on the music page, and can all be downloaded.

Clicking on "Download" in the player will download/open the track you're listening to (but it must be fully loaded into the player first). Clicking on "About this track" will open that music's webpage in a new window. There are shuffle and repeat buttons. It's pretty basic but if you notice any problems then please email me.

Currently available in The Listening Room

Baroque Variations (Hoddle-Fawkner-Batman Mix) (2002/10). Psychogeographical Melbourne.

The Slips (1999/2002). Excerpt from a larger piece for two speaking voices.

I met Tony Buck with a flashing red bike light stuck in my mouth outside the old Brisbane Museum (2003/10). Based on a true story.

Callington (2009). 5 x 5 choruses for [guitar].

Real Characters and False Analogues (2004/09). 12 works for microtonal piano.

Redundens (2001 - ). An ongoing series of anti-fantasias on Arnold Schoenberg's Three Pieces for Piano, Opus 11, for various instruments.

The Old School Is Built On The Ruins Of The New School (2008). Two performances for digitally-emulated feedback.

The One Who Was Neither Or Nor (2007). Recorded live in Melbourne and Brisbane, working with digitally-emulated feedback.

String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta) (2005/08). The original 2005 version and a 23-minute take of the 2008 version that toured Australia as a multimedia installation.

Sketch for "A"-16 (2007). Three excerpts from an unfinished piece for live, bi-directional analogue feedback.

St Paul's Pianos With Real Nightingales (2007). An excerpt from the 75-minute recording of the collage for piano, digital feedback, real and mechanical birds.

Hentai-Oto-Ma (2001) and The Night We Burned Down Bimbo Deluxe (2006). Two works for digital synthesis.

Magnificent Bastards (2003). Eight microtonal miniatures.

Stained Melodies (2000). Twenty-four pieces for piano in just intonantion.

Dick Without A Hole (1999) and The Cure For Headaches (1998/2009). Talkback radio callers in Adelaide get funky.

Disposable Guitar Play Once Throw Away and Ola-R (both 1999). Improvisations for plank guitar with built-in amplifier and analogue feedback oscillators.

All works © Ben.Harper 1999-2012. Recorded in Your Dad’s Den. A Cooky La Moo production.