MP3s for download

1. Sketch for "A"-16, take 1 (part 1) (3'48", 5.64 MB, mp3)
2. Sketch for "A"-16, take 2 (16'15", 21.51 MB, mp3)
3. Sketch for "A"-16, take 1 (part 2) (8'05", 11.68 MB, mp3)

The Mock Tudor Desktop As the title implies, this piece is a work in progress. The above examples are more of a proof of concept than a finished composition, but still work quite nicely as music, each with its own mood and sense of form.

There is no editing, overdubbing, mixing or other post-production of any kind on these three pieces. Each was recorded directly to hard drive, with all sounds produced by analogue electronic feedback loops, created with closed circuits of effects boxes and an 8-input mixer.

Since recording the flipside of Disposable Guitar Play Once Throw Away I've been working with increasingly sophisticated feedback systems. This type of feedback system is often called the "no-input mixer"; Sketch for "A"-16 is my first attempt to make a piece for a no-output mixer.

The fundamental premise for the piece is a principle used by David Tudor in some of his compositions: that many electronic audio components have jacks that can be used for either input or output. I've used this aspect in my recent live electronic works, but Sketch for "A"-16 is the first piece I've made which is entirely based upon this property. It can only work if the inputs for each circuit are simultaneously working as outputs.

What you hear in these tracks is the combination of two simple bi-directional feedback loops. Future versions of this piece will use a greater number of components, to produce a greater and more subtle variety of sounds.

Ben.Harper, 2007.

Sketch for "A"-16 © Ben.Harper 2007. Recorded in Your Dad’s Den, Lewisham. A Cooky La Moo production.