A selection of past live performances.


Chain of Ponds performed in a special live version in London at Silver Road, Lewisham, Thursday 23 February 2017.


Australian tour: playing special live versions of Chain of Ponds in Melbourne and Sydney in November 2016, as part of the Inland concert series.


Playing in/with the Great Hall at Goldsmiths on Saturday 7 February 2015, as part of an all-weekend project by Contingent Events. Free entry. Live music for multiple loudspeakers in unusual combinations. Hear a sample.


Live analogue and digital feedback at Cafe Oto, with John Wall and the NIS.


Sonorites 2013. A new audiotheque mix of Third City: Walking on Red and Blue will be presented at the Sonic Lab, Queen’s University, Belfast on Thursday 25 April.


Cafe Oto. Live analogue electronics, with Robin Fox and Tom Scott. Presented by Cenatus & Synaesthesia. Cafe Oto, London. 16 September. 8pm/£8.


This Is All I Need receives its first public performance at the George Fairfax Theatre, The Arts Centre, Melbourne. Download a flyer for the event (PDF).

ABJECT BLOC. Live analogue electronics. With John Wall, "                "[sic]™, Anthony Iles, Allon, Lee Gamble (DJs). Limehouse Town Hall, London.

Unconscious archives #2. Live analogue electronics. With Hangjun Lee and Hugh Metcalfe. Presented by no.w.here and Other Film. Apiary Studios, London.


String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta) gets its UK premiere at the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, London, 28 January. More details here.

I was also one of the performers of Dan Goren's new group piece Sum Over Histories. More details here.


The One Who Was Neither Or Nor, for digitally-emulated feedback system. The Make It Up Club, Melbourne, and Bowerbird 7A, Brisbane.

String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta), for virtual string quartet and tape delay. Placard Festival, Paris.


Ewe bleats harshly after lamb / Grows the seed and blows the mead, Sweatshop, Melbourne. Analogue feedback instrument, in a trio with Rory Brown and Dennis Rappoport on double bass and various low-tech electronics.


Composition as Installation, Conical Gallery, Melbourne. A series of solo and collaborative performances and sound installations, with Rod Cooper, Phil Edwards & James Hullick.

Mock Tudor/Zero k, Electrofringe Festival, Newcastle, Australia. This was the live performance version of the analogue electronic feedback composition originally constructed as the main installation for the Composition as Installation show.

Yes It’s Political, a quasi-democratic, semi-directed group improvisation with Rod Cooper, Jon Rose & others, The Make It Up Club, Melbourne.

Sundrench (with Joel Stern), Edinburgh Gardens, Melbourne. A pleasant summer afternoon under the trees messing about with small electronic doodads and an electric vinha.


I Am The President Of Capitalists Inc., a multi-media performance and installation, Bus Gallery, Melbourne.

2000 Guitar Solos, random live performances of multiple compositions for guitar in an installation, TCB Inc. Art, Melbourne.

The Slips, a four-hour spoken word performance at CLUBS project space in Melbourne.

11 September 2003, an evening of electroacoustic, audiovisual group improvisation, with Ned Collette - guitars, Rod Cooper - homemade instruments, Joe Talia - percussion and electronics, Anthony Magen & Tim Webster - video projections. Make It Now Festival, Melbourne.

Like But Not Like Like, for analogue electronic feedback, Outer 02, Bus Gallery, Melbourne.

Played as part of the Greg Kingston Big Band, The Make It Up Club, Melbourne.


Mock Tudor III, analogue electronic feedback composition, What is Music? Festival, Melbourne.

Gating, West Space Art, Melbourne. Live performance to accompany group exhibition of visual and sonic art (curated by Michael Graeve).

Wandering Split, Literatur Schallmauer, Vienna, Austria. Not strictly a live performance, but a presentation of a tape composition made for the Gating exhibition, as a sort of spin-off from The Slips.

Closing Night, Bus Gallery, Melbourne. Presented to conclude my sound installation Mock Tudor No.2 (Why Doesn't Someone Get Him A Pepsi?), with Natasha Anderson, Sue Dodd, Phil Edwards, Robin Fox, Michael Graeve, and Anthony Pateras.

Music for a Summer Evening, analogue and digital electronics with Jeremy Collings, Robin Fox, Michael Munson, and Anthony Pateras, Penthouse & Pavement, Melbourne.

Exeter Limits, analogue electronic feedback composition, Articulating Space, Melbourne.


Wired for Sound, an evening of live electroacoustic music, with Robin Fox, Michael Munson, and Anthony Pateras, La Mama Theatre, Melbourne.

Mock Tudor and the Tristero, for dual feedback loops, loudspeaker arrays and resonant piano, Articulating Space, Melbourne.

Thrice-Told Tale, for mixer and interconnected feedback loops, Bus Gallery, Melbourne.

Space Box, analogue and digital electronics with Jeremy Collings, Robin Fox, Michael Munson, and Anthony Pateras, The Planet, Melbourne.


Platform 10th Anniversary (with others), Platform 2, Melbourne. Analogue electronic feedback, and performances of selected Stained Melodies.

Mock Tudor, for dual feedback loops and loudspeaker array, Musicians Club, Melbourne.


Obsolete Guitar Theory, for phantom guitars, plank guitar, and feedback. Musicians Club, Melbourne.

Acvisex.exe and 0.2 Watts of Fury, for phantom guitar and plank guitar (with Michael Graeve), Synaesthesia, Melbourne.

Now! Hear! This!, part of a group improvisation, Melbourne Fringe Festival.


Exhuming Gertrud’s Ear, trio for bass clarinet, viola, cello. Melbourne Fringe Festival & Astra Concert Series, Melbourne.


An Austrian Automaton with Electric Keyboard Study No.1, spoken word performance with tape, Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne.

The Fruitflies of Paris, spoken word performance with slideshow, Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne.

The Taxi Driver Looks At The Seine, spoken word performance, Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne.