The One Who Was Neither Or Nor (live in Melbourne and/or Brisbane)

Saturday 22 December 2007

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the recordings from the two live gigs I played in Australia (Melbourne and Brisbane). For the sake of comparison and contrast, they are both available from the one page, along with a description of the piece, laden with tantalising sentences such as:

The three loops are nested, so that the output of the two outer loops may be fed back into the first. The output of the first loop is always heard mixed with and modulated by at least one of the other two loops, the subsequent loops may either be modulated by the others or heard plain.

There are also thumbnail portraits of the experience of playing in a Fitzroy bar late on a Tuesday night:

I began to imagine people checking their watches and, one by one, slinking away in the dark to catch the last tram home.

and of playing in the living room of someone’s house in Brisbane:

It felt very civilised to be able to play a gig while sitting on a couch with my girlfriend…. The amp was a small, battery operated unit which gave the music a slightly muzzy, mellow sound.

The recording quality is OK, but the performances may not be ideally suited to home listening; unless you play it through a small amp while drinking beer and chatting with your mates. Enjoy?