Filler by Proxy XLIII: How long until someone makes an opera out of this?

Thursday 14 December 2006

There’s a big crossover audience in the fanbases for opera and for giant, train-wreck hissy fits, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the ongoing scandal at La Scala after tenor Roberto Alagna walked out of a performance of Aida on Sunday, after just ten minutes on stage. As over-reactions to mild booing go, they don’t get much bigger or better than this.
Opera Chic has the most frequently updated chronicle, as the surprises keep coming thick and fast, as well as the juciest details. Scroll back to 10 December to savour the unfolding mayhem in its chronological glory. YOU WILL SEE:
Video of the walk-off and switcheroo is, of course, on YouTube. It’s worth watching just to see mezzo soprano Ildiko Komlosi pull a double-take worthy of Margaret Dumont as she’s suddenly confronted by a pharaoh in shirt and jeans.
  1. Thanx! Ur awes0me! I can't tell u how awes0me! I couldn't have summarised these last few crazy days as well as u did! And there's plenty more to come over the weekend! This made my day! Opera Chic

  2. All thanks are due to you, for such dedicated blogging. Especially for providing us with the details, (e.g. the saga of the sandals) which really bring the scandal to life for us humble spectators.

    People, please check Opera Chic's website regularly as this drama just keeps on giving.