Germany is like Australia: Exhibit A

Monday 12 June 2006

I really like Berlin; so much so that when I came back to Australia from visiting there six years ago and people asked me what it was like, I said “It’s a lot like Melbourne.” This did not go down well with my German or otherwise-Europeanny friends.
How!?” they demanded to know. I give you photographic proof.

In Germany, as in Australia, Sport = Ideas.
Honestly, Australians: can’t you just imagine a sign saying “Victoria*: Land of Ideas” in front of a giant, non-functional footy boot? Really though, this should belong in Queensland, spiritual centre for Big Things. “Don’t miss THE BIG SHOE, 2km west of Beaudesert.”
This was outside the new central train station in Berlin, a week before (duh!) the World Cup.

* Or one of the other states. But never “Australia”.
  1. This seems like the most suitable post to announce that Magic 693 has been rudely shoved aside in order for 3AW to take over its freqency. Magic 693 is now reduced to lamely calling itself Magic 1278. That's when you can hear it through the accumulated fuzz and noise way out there in the wilderness. Most fucked fucking radio station coup ever.

  2. Thanks for mentioning it. I've had a few other well-wishers breaking the news, but this is the first time I've heard of the damage done. Sad news. Particularly since the closest thing to Magic on London radio has also just had the plug pulled.

    I think this calls for a blogged appreciation sometime very soon.