Sunday 2 April 2006

I got back from Paris OK, only to return home to find that someone* had changed the locks to The Bunker. Luckily, the laundrette down the road is open 24 hours. Posting will resume sometime, once I’m safely indoors again and my ISP finally admits I’m not online like they say I am.

* “That would be the landlord.” Thanks. Stop reading over my shoulder.
  1. No updates for four days!! Are you still in the laundromat??? Zo

  2. So what's going on, are you homeless now or something? Living in the laundromat is great for street cred and all, but wouldn't you be getting a bit smelly and ripe now?

  3. Ripe? Smelly? What part of "laundromat" don't you understand?

  4. The bit where you get to wash? Fine your clothes are lemon fresh, but BO will always break through.

  5. Handy hint: those two really big, unpainted washing machines that are always sitting in the corner are a snug but comfortable fit.