Life is good

Wednesday 26 April 2006

Today is an auspicious day. My long Babylonian captivity in the laundrette down the road has come to an end and I have resumed occupation of my bunker. The internet connection is once again fully functional.
Moreover, today marks a year since I left Australia and relocated to London. This anniversary has given me cause to reflect on the many changes in my life over the past twelve months away from my native country, but one happy thought in particular stands out: I have now gone an entire year without hearing The Cat Empire. Life is good.
  1. *Gasp* Can it really be a new post?! You have escaped from the laundrette! This is a Very Great Day – particularly since sister's latest postings document an affair with a pharmaceutical salesman in return for handfuls of pills….. (btw: i have just accepted a job in Leicester)

  2. Godd grief! Where can I learn more about this pharmaporn? And when do you move to Leicester?