Death of a Salesman: Blog Draws Blood!

Wednesday 16 November 2005

Nothing of substance fit to post today. Alas! My dad just wrote in to say that reading my blog is the only way he has of keeping tabs on what I’m up to these days. Hi dad! I’m feeling a bit fluey today, so not much writing going on. Oh, and I left Melbourne and moved to London a few months back, so don’t send a card with a $10 note in it to the old address this christmas.
Just last week I posted about the Kia car salesman’s blog, but now the thing’s gone! Either my linking to him drove his traffic through the roof and his service was cut off, or else he won third prize in last month’s sales contest. And had something else cut off.
Like you care. Enjoy the cached version on Google while you can.
  1. Do you feel mad with power now Ben? Not only can you get Kia salesmen's blogs shut down just by linking to them, you also brought about the guilt stricken returning of a library book that was twelve years overdue….

  2. Wish I had something cool to say about your latest post. But I don't. I just wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog and enjoying it. But I don't have time to email. One day I will. One day soon. Promise.

  3. Now I have something to say (it's some time later, and I can't get to sleep): Several months ago, my 30th birthday party was cancelled because the guests and myself were fleeing a hurricane. In the end, we were all fine. Question: Am I wrong to be upset that none of my friends have suggested planning another get-together to celebrate (especially since hurricane season is over)?

  4. This blog definately demands more blood letting content (whilst downing a nightcap or three), rather than expending energy on combatant strategies for used car salesmen. Maybe a top 10 of twilight twitterings to encapsulate a sisterly competitor to the Filler by Proxy series?

  5. Hi Zoe! Sorry about the loss of your terminal 'e'. As to your birthday, I recommend you go around loudly suggesting to your friends that xmas be dedicated to you this year, what with the hurricane and everything. If they balk at this, tell them to organise something properly in time for Epiphany.
    In either case, please accept my apologies for not attending.

  6. Laura! You returned that book? I am starting to feel like some sort of agony aunt. One somehow involved with lots of bloodletting.


  7. Like it, like it. This year Christmas is mine, all mine. On Sunday I visited the Branch Davidian compund outside Waco – or rather, what's left of it – and am inspired to claim the day for myself. What harm can come of that? (Koresh's successor is Australian, by the way).

  8. The Branch Davidians are still around? I thought they all died. I guess the new leader has his work cut out for him – wish I'd seen the ad for the position.