Filler by Proxy XXII: Backstroke of the West

Monday 1 August 2005

A couple of years ago a friend of mine arrived home from China with a suitcase full of dodgy pirated DVDs. The prize specimen was a bootleg of The Fellowship of the Ring, with the artwork on the front cover doctored to persuade punters that the famous Tolkein adaptation starred Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer – all wielding swords. The back cover featured screen grabs from a hardcore porno video, with a plot synopsis in gibberish (“Much confusion but enjoy the mutilation.”) and the credits for Black Hawk Down. The actual movie turned out to be some softcore French film from the 1970s, without dubbing or subtitles.
Thanks to the interweb you can savour the ineffable charm of East Asian counterfeiting without travelling all the way to the car boot sale taking place two blocks down. Flickr hosts a growing gallery of screen shots.
The hot ticket among cheap-arse VCD buyers these days is, of course, the new Star Wars movie. In particular, the Chinese edition with remarkably creative subtitles. Screen shots are collected for your enjoyment here and here.

You will be treated to dialogue that manages to improve upon George Lucas’ original script, learn of the Jedi Knights’ obsession with elephants, and gasp at the theological bombshell that Darth Vader is a Presbyterian. The wish power are together with you.
  1. 你继续对话。
    Thee Dialog Continue.

    In 2005, the backstroke of the west subtitler began a cross cultural conversation.

    In 2009 a response has been formulated.

    %20 介绍 '後面偷掴懶與媒介' 媒体分析/视频的未来视频媒体搜索概念的考古证明/截止的上/重新编译系统,适用于所有星球大战围绕影片的作为进入仰泳的背景下采取行动释放分布式媒体。
    %20 introduces 'Thee Backslacpkipng With Media' a media analysis/video archeological proof of concept of a future video media search/cut-up/recompile system as applied to all the Star Wars media distributed around the release of the movie which acted as the backdrop to the backstroke.

    To fully appreciate the subtitle subterfuge, you'll have to download the full DVD, but to gain an understanding of this presentation, preview any chapter here: (Play options are on the right)

    企业抬价 Corporate Shill
    消费者妓女 Consumer Whore
    崇拜者文化嵌合体 Wannabee Cultural Chimera