Filler by Proxy XIX: That’s Stallone on the right

Thursday 9 June 2005

He’s defeated the Soviet Army, Mr T, Rutger Hauer’s credibility, Stephen Berkoff’s film career, several mountains, the Cannon Group, Rod Steiger’s Hispanic accent, and cinema releases for his movies.
Now, Sylvester Stallone challenges you… TO EAT PUDDING!!
This is not one of those only-in-Japan deals, either. Start ordering now, so he can fund his Edgar Allan Poe biopic. Love the name of the company, too: is he referring to his co-star in The Specialist?
  1. Excellent news Ben, the banana flavour pudding is coming soon! Can't wait to feed it to Jr so he can grow up and defeat evil empires single handedly. (It's too late for me, but the children are our future).

  2. Sylvester

    I think I'm going to be sick.

  3. i thought at first that was his pet name for his willy.

  4. Thanks Mallrat, I was waiting for someone to say that.

  5. Hang on Mallrat, did you mean the chocolate or banana pudding?