Because sometimes a sheet of A4 and some Blu-tack just won’t do

Wednesday 22 June 2005

Meard Street, Soho. The blue plaque reflected in the transom window is for the watercolourist Thomas Hearne.

  1. hahahahahahah!

    But seriously, I kind of feel sorry for whoever lives there, they must have been driven to… well, forking out for a decent sign for a start!

  2. 'transom window:' applause for judicious use of neglected vocabulary.

  3. Jeez I need one of those outside my trailer.

  4. Maybe it's a cunning ruse: ain't no whores here Mr Constable, nosiree.

  5. I should point out that I later learned that the house was, at the time, the residence of the late Sebastian Horsley.