Help a clueless Chinese student uncover Hitler’s mystery

Sunday 13 February 2005

Influenza and apathy have delayed the rant about music. Besides, it’s much easier to cut and paste stupid emails I get at work. Spelling and punctuation are unaltered.
Subject: uncover hitler’s mystery
Honorable American friends,How do you do?I am a Chinese students of Moslem people university .I have a new idea on psychology ,concerning Hitler.I hope you can pass the important points of the theories on to the experts who study domestic psychology and sociology.I think it is better to offer these ideas to the experts studying Hitler.
In Hitler there exists two ‘I’s,one is himself,which can be called the ‘ego’, the other is his fatherly image,which can be called the ‘super I’. During Hitlers childhood he was educated by his father whom he looked up to.Hitler’s father intentionally educated and guided him in his childhood and had his figure deeply rooted in Hitler’s mind and formed his ‘super I’.After growing up,Hitler used his fathers ideas to mould his political career.He treated the German people and individuals the same way his father raised him.Hitler treated his nation,public and other individuals as his father once treated him.That is to say, the nation,public and other individuals take the place of the young Hitler and become the object of the ‘super I’ of Hitler.
All the former opinions Chinese government has known.
my name jinbo
Unfortunately I don’t know any experts who study domestic psychology, but perhaps you do. Please send on this vital information, and let’s hope that established wisdom doesn’t dismiss this corageous student’s radical new concepts such as ‘ego’, and that children may somehow be influenced by their parents.
With your help, maybe we can stop Hitler before he invades China.