Australia’s Election Day Outrage

Sunday 10 October 2004

The federal election’s over and I am disgusted with the direction this country has taken. I truly fear for our children’s future, which is a big call given that I don’t have any kids and really cdn’t care if the little bastards live or die. How can we hold our heads high and say we are proud to be Australian, after Saturday’s debacle?
My compatriots know what I’m talking about but, for the sake of the thousands of overseas visitors who check in to this site every day on the off chance I might get around to updating it, I’ll spell it out. I went down to my local polling booth in the mid-morning, and there was NO SAUSAGE SIZZLE! What the hell has happened to this country? I circumnavigated the whole schoolyard twice: not a sausage. Literally. I thought charity sausage sizzles were mandated by the AEC.
If you think this all sounds superficial and apathetic, you’re clearly in the minority. I’m just going to go with the flow since no-one else round here gives a shit about this place. And anyone who drones on to me about how they’re going to leave the country better be prepared to meet my wager of $100 that they will still be here a year later.
  1. hey ben,

    thanks for your email. i'll definitely try and come on thursday. meanwhile, suffer in your jocks you filthy carnivorous whore. the reason there was no sausage sizzle is a mystery to many but a punishment inflicted directly, specifically upon you by the AEC upon my request. have you seen la strada? you wanna?


  2. Yeah, but then where were the vegie burgers and felafels? No BBQ action whatsoever! Otherwise my rant wd have been about Greenies taking over the polling booths.
    La Strada? Is that the new pizza joint round the corner from you? I'll have the meat lovers with anchovies, thanks.