Not sure about the “great crowds” bit, though

Sunday 22 August 2004

Great crowds at the Olympic games, but not of people.

Diogenes, 4th Century BC. Of course, he actually went to the games to see them for himself, and then bagged the other punters present. I admire that level of commitment to cynicism.
So much for my attempt at topicality. It’s been a big week and I’m off to bed.
  1. olympics on the telly again eh? always means, get thee to the video store and rent a Mr Segal film.

  2. Way ahead of you on this one. I rented The Foreigner, probably the worst in Steve-O's stinky career. It was made on the cheap in Poland last year and went straight to video. I'm making it sound better than it actually is. The corpulent Mr Seagal doesn't even attempt to pretend to be fighting in this one: you'd have to figure your career as an action hero is running into trouble when you need a stuntman to jump over waist-high fences for you.

    More bad news: he's producing Under Siege 3! Wait a minute, did you mean Jonathan Livingston Segal?